The Allure of Winter Wedding with VR Hotels

The Allure of Winter Wedding with VR Hotels

So, you’ve set your heart on planning a winter wedding? It’s a great choice with many advantages you may not have thought of! The season, after all, is the perfect time for a more intimate and magical wedding with so many emblems of romance: snowy wedding photos, rustic-cosy vibe, hot toddies, mulled wine… It’s something out of the ordinary, creating memories that last a lifetime for you and your guests.

Still on the fence about hosting a winter wedding in NZ? Here’s why you’ll warm up to getting married at the most magical time of the year.

Embrace the weather

Winter is a perfect time if you’re looking for a memorable wedding. Late summer and autumn might be more popular seasons, but your memories will be warmer and sweeter with late-season waltzes and winter leaves. Plus, your hair and makeup will thank you for skipping the humidity and sweating heat of the blazing summer sun.

It gets darker earlier in winter, so consider taking your wedding photos before the ceremony or schedule them on a particular day. You will most likely spend longer than planned for wedding photos when you have a majestic backdrop of snowy mountains.

Despite this, the weather is never guaranteed. A heavy snowfall or rain might get your wedding postponed. Always talk to your venue manager to ensure you have a Plan B or wedding insurance.

Cosy winter wedding venues

The one thing you can’t skip at a wedding is the venue. When looking for wedding venues, you’ll want to search for venues that suit your tastes and are cosy for a winter wedding. And if you’re thinking of a tropical honeymoon during New Zealand’s winter months, the Pacific Islands or the Northern Hemisphere offer tons of beauty and serenity.

Finding cosy winter wedding venues might be a challenging task. However, there are numerous choices to select from classy ballrooms with tastefully appointed decor, and intimate restaurants that can offer personal and professional interactions. If you’re looking for a location that offers all of the above, how about hosting your dream Alpine wedding at Hanmer Springs Retreat? Let the experienced wedding team take care of all the essential details to make your dream winter wedding come to life!

Don’t forget to have plenty of heaters, coats, warm drinks and food for you and your guests.

Stunning Winter Wedding on the North Island

Most of us know that North Island is relatively warmer than the South Island throughout the year. If you are thinking about going down south, you may need to consider having a long sleeve wedding dress or adding a faux fur coat to your bridal style. For those who wish to get married during winter but don’t want their families or guests to be shivering in the cold during the marriage ceremony, wedding locations in the North Island are intended for you.

One such unique venue is on the beautiful shores of Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotorua. Our VR Rotorua Lake Resort is managed by VR Group Hotels & Resorts that offer beautiful locations for their guests throughout New Zealand. What makes Rotorua Lake Resorts special is the location and the ambience. Also, we provide planning for weddings. What better way to have your wedding in Rotorua than in the perfect setting of Lake Rotorua as your backdrop as you make your wedding promises.

It’s the perfect place to host any wedding theme, and we’ll take care of everything else so you can enjoy your big day! Whether you want a chic, boho-inspired wedding or a glamourous and elegant affair, we’ve got packages that fit every budget. Read more about our wedding packages and get in touch to start planning your special occasion today! All weddings hosted with us include a complimentary night’s stay in our Bridal Suite, and this stunning venue also boasts 42 rooms for all your friends and family.

Snowy Winter Wedding on the South Island

The snow feels untouched and looks like it’s never been walked on before. You’ll be the first to set foot anywhere on it. You’re only minutes from standing on that pristine stretch of white snow. In the distance, snow-clad mountains surround your special place. Their peaks are graced in white, which contrasts against the blue sky. This magical place will never be the same again, as it has prepared a special gift for you and your wedding, an everlasting memory.

Now that we are in the south, it is known to everyone that the winters here are pretty cold. But if you plan it right, it could be one of the greatest treasures you’ll carry for the rest of your life, and, of course, a great time for your guests too.

We understand all of this may sound a little out of reach, but it will be seamless with meticulous planning and execution. For all of you fantasy lovers out there, a winter wedding is a great excuse to have a Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones-themed wedding. How about a Scottish wedding with all the trappings? Whatever theme you choose, we guarantee that Hanmer Springs Retreat is a place that won’t disappoint you with its environment and facilities.

The gardens and function rooms provide a lovely spectacle with views of the Amuri Ranges. Let us take care of your ceremony, pre-dinner drinks, canapes, and wedding breakfast needs. We also have multiple wedding packages to choose from, or you could contact us and shape something that depicts your dream. At the Hanmer Springs Retreat, everyone here would be delighted to assist you during the planning stages and on your wedding day. Who wouldn’t want to have a winter wedding in the South Island? It’s a paradise of its own.

Cheaper Venue Hire and Better Rates

Weddings can be cheaper in New Zealand from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring. This is an excellent time to save on expenses such as attire, venue hire, catering, and entertainment, and you may have discounted deals with photographers. Ask for the sharpest pricing and be prepared to negotiate. The wedding day will impact the price; Friday evenings are cheaper than Saturday, and if you schedule them during a weekday, they are less expensive.

Don’t Forget Your Wedding Bands!

Don’t forget the most important part: choosing your wedding bands. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a wedding ring, there are plenty of jewellers with physical stores or showrooms you can visit to try out their rings.

bride and groom kissing

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start planning the winter themed wedding of your dreams. Our team will be sure to take care of all your needs.

Start your happily ever after with VR by your side.