COVID-19 Protocols

Safety and health of all our guests and staff is important to us

All our staff at VR have been double vaccinated

There are many steps below that have been taken at our hotels during COVID impact.


  1. The team does extensive public area decontamination by special German fogging machines* and anti viral grade chemicals.
  2. Same chemicals are also used for more regular wiping off public area surfaces like eftpos terminals, reception counter, Elevator buttons, public area doors and handles.
  3. There are hand sanitising dispensers in various Public area locations for guests
  4. Adequate and extensive signage has been put through out from entry to the elevators to guide and direct proper flow of people.
  5. Social distancing is being observed and there are Step signage marked on the ground for safe distancing
  6. At reception, sneeze guard / shields are installed as second line of defence for safety of guest and staff
  7. Staff manning at reception is reduced though they are present as stand by in back offices



  1. In rooms, we are conducting double cleaning – First is decontamination by fogging machine and room left for half a day for chemical fog to clear and act on all surfaces including carpets.
  2. Then room is thoroughly cleaned with Anti viral hospital grade chemicals with emphasis to wipe down every surface that can come in contact with guest. All benchtops and surfaces are cleaned and all crockery and cutlery are run through hot water / steam dishwashers.
  3. For guest safety, room service is strictly on request and contactless linen and amenities supplies are encouraged instead.
  4. For non busy periods, room allocation is after giving rooms a day or more of gap for decontamination fog to act more deeply



  1. The staff is in PPE and use gloves and mask, so as not to leave any infections droplets in rooms.
  2. Staff is daily checked for any infection symptoms before and after work.



  1. During high alert levels, public access to building is restricted and only residents and hotel guest are allowed in the swipe card controlled building.

* Fogging machines are only used at The Quadrant Hotel & Suites and VR Queen Street. All other properties staff wipe surfaces using hospital grade anti-viral cleaning chemicals