Auckland Harbour Oaks 2 Bedroom Harbour View Bedroom

What to look for when choosing a hotel or serviced apartment

Merging Auckland / Hamilton / Queenstown, for a semi New Zealand centric list of the top things to look for when choosing a hotel or serviced apartment for a ‘home away from home’ experience. Do you agree?

1. Location, Location, Location

Whether you prefer to be in the city centre or away from the hustle and bustle, location is of upmost importance. VR Hotels and Apartments, throughout Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown offer a range of location options. From inner city, with its bright lights as the entertainment hub, to quiet suburbs – for those wanting to live like a local. VR gives you the freedom to choose make your holiday your way, with a number of location options to choose from.

2. Price

Quality versus quantity? The chicken or the egg? Quality accommodation at a cheap rate is hard to come by these days – luckily for you, VR hotels have made sound investments in constantly upgrading and refurbishing all properties. The team at VR make sure that preferred facilities are offered, giving you all the bells and whistles – at an affordable price point.

3. Bathroom /En-suite

Private bathrooms at all hotels – in all room types!

4. Internet

VR Hotels and Apartments offer internet access across all VR properties! Complimentary, internet inclusive specials offer top of the line value and convenience. While we are here, ‘Like us’, ‘Check In” and give us a ‘Tweet’!

5. Cleanliness

Who wants to clean on their holiday? No one. That is why VR Hotels and Apartments offer Daily Service. Simple. Easy. Clean!