Looking for adventure? Auckland’s best adrenaline-pumping activities are right on your doorstep! Face your fear of heights at Rocket Ropes, then have a day of fun at Rainbow’s End. If you’re looking to unwind, head over to Butterfly Creek and get up close and personal with beautiful butterflies or try your hand at a friendly game of mini-golf right next door! We’ve compiled our top picks to make your trip to Auckland unforgettable.

Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek is a perfect place for families to take the day out and enjoy a range of nature’s wonders.

Lock’n’Load Adventures

Only minutes from Auckland Airport, you will find one of Auckland’s premier paintball facilities.

Villa Maria Estate

Take the day out and explore what one of New Zealand’s premier wineries has to offer.

Rocket Ropes

Test your physical and mental strength on a range of extensive rope courses.