Hanmer Springs Attractions

Hanmer Springs Attractions offers you outdoor adventure activities in Hanmer Springs. Just 8 minutes’ drive from our hotel, enjoy a day of fun with family or friends. Hanmer Springs Attractions includes things to do as the Jet Boat Ride, Canoe Safari, Quad Biking, Rafting, Bungy Jumping, Clay Bird Shooting and Paint Ball. The Hanmer Springs Attractions team is dedicated to bringing you the best experiences during your stay in the village. Check them out for the following:

Jet Boating

Experience the 360 degree spins made famous by the Jet Boat, first invented in New Zealand!

Bungy Jumping

Free-falling 35 metres to the surging river below is a must-do activity for everyone at least once in their lifetime

River Rafting

Rafting down a grade 2 river will make certain for an exciting and enjoyable experience


Explore the unknown through the scenic Waiau River gorge in the stunning natural environment of Hanmer Springs.

Quad Biking

Plow through streams, mud, forest and over rocks – drive over just about every terrain Canterbury has to offer


Paintball is a fun and challenging way to unleash your competitive soul

Claybird Shooting

Ready, aim, pull! Practice your aim on our claybird shooting course.

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